08 February 2011

#9 My animals, part 2.

Today only two photos, but also answers to your questions :)

Euscorpius Carpathicus again:

Nauphotea Cinerea (also young)

Q: Were did you get those?
A:  Most of them I bought by internet (something like eBay) and also on the terraristic exchange.

Q: How did you get into breeding them?
A: My friend told me that  stick insect are very easy to breed, so i bought 3 of them (Medauroidea extradentata), later some other stick insect, next were beatles, and so on ;)

Q: what cam do you use?
A: Againandagain- Canon PowerShot A580 + homemade difuser

Q: Do you do any kind of taxidermy?
A: No, I'm not interested in that.

Q:What do you feed them?
A: It depends on species that I'm currently feeding, because for example, scorpions won't eat the same things that stick insect will.

If you have more question- ask, I will answer :)


  1. More cool pictures, I like the green background to the scorpion.
    Do they get much bigger than that?
    Do you do anything in particular with the insects? Do you breed them to sell?

  2. How creepy is the first photo. lol

  3. My god murz how can you stand living with all of those.."animals" And is the picture on the bottom stuck in a web?

  4. scorpions just give me the chills.

  5. Do you keep these in your room?

  6. i wonder where i could buy these?

  7. Cool stuff bro. Not a big fan of scorpions myself though.

  8. I think the stick insects are the coolest - they're just so unlike anything else!

  9. @Coilis: I think they are in a jar.
    BTW is that green stuff in the bottom their food?

  10. For very good reason, this is my favorite blog. :)

  11. Do you give them names? Do you notice any kind of personality differences from one to the other?

  12. Man, I would hate for these to be let loose in my house. I'd rather fight a human, than face bugs. Just a phobia of mine.

  13. Another thing, so are there any bugs you won't kill? Like if you saw a roach, would you take it as a pet?