26 February 2011

#20 Spiders

Sorry that I wasn't writing for some time, but I got a new job and I was on the employee trainings, so I didn't have time to blog.
Anyway, You've decide that next topic should be spiders, so here they are:

Tegenaria atrica (I've found him/her in my grandmother's house. I was breeding it for few weeks):

20 February 2011

#19 Bonus

Today, one photo and one video of my lizard. Yesterday I forgot to ask you what do you want to see- flowers or spiders, so you can decide now ;)


19 February 2011

#18 Dragonflies

You've decided again, so here we go with dragonflies ;)

At first, Aeshna affinis (blue-male, green-female):

17 February 2011

#17 My mammals

You've decided that you want to see some mammals today. It's not macro potography, and these photos aren't so impressive as previous, but I hope you'll like it.

My cat (13 years old now. It's the only photo of her that I have, I lost others together with my previous hdd):

16 February 2011

#16 Flowers, again.

I continue notes without insects, so today- flowers (probably also tommorow). Today without 'the obligatory insect pic' :D
I don't know names of these flowers, they're not insects ;) Here we go:

15 February 2011

#15 Water

I've promised you photos that have something in common with water, so here we go:
Some leaf:

14 February 2011

#14 Just a short note

Today I don't have time to write answers as usual, I'll do it tomorrow. Today- my lizards (Anolis Caroliensis) :

13 February 2011

#13 My animals and answers

Today I want to show you some species that I was breeding long time ago:

Extatosoma Tiaratum:

12 February 2011

#12 My animals and answers, next part :D

I don't know what to talk about, so I will just show you two next photos of Xylotrupes pubescens and one of Nauphotea Cinerea:

10 February 2011

#11 My animals and answers, part 4.

I wasn't posting yesterday, because I didn't have time to do that. In last post you could see larva of Xylotrupes Pubescens and here are photos of male:

09 February 2011

#10 My animals and answers, part 3.

Hi there!
Today I'm going to show you two photos of  larva of some animal. Tomorrow I'll show you adult one (in professional session :D). So, this larca is something about 9cm long and it's able to bite through thin palstic (it did, and I've found it under my bed...). Have any idea what it could be?
The first:

08 February 2011

#9 My animals, part 2.

Today only two photos, but also answers to your questions :)

Euscorpius Carpathicus again:

07 February 2011

#8 My animals, part 1.

As I promised, today I'll show you some of animals that I'm/I was breeding:

Pachnoda Aemula:

06 February 2011

#7 Homemade diffuser- DIY

Today I'll show you how to make diffuser for compact camera (finally :D)

You have to start wiht printing/drawing this on some paperboard (you can also make a 1st version on normal paper, just to adjust its shape for your camera):

05 February 2011

#6 Aphids

This time I'm going to show you some photos of aphids, as I promised. And also I promise, that I'll write about making diffuser tomorrow ^^' Don't have much time today, so here we go with photos.

On the papaver:

04 February 2011

#5 Alate insects

This update is little later than always, because I had exam (fingers crossed).
Today I want to show you few of my photos with flying insects. It's very hard to keep its sharpeness and usually only one from 10-20 photos (of one object of course) is good enough to publish, so you must be very patience to make macro photographies of this little bastards. But trying and trying again is worth of final effect. Here we go:

Bee (or something very similar):

03 February 2011

#4 Flowers and answer(s)

I'm very glad that many of you like my photos and also that there is so much of you :D
In comments, few people asked what equipment do I have, someone told that is has to be something expensive. No, I use Canon Powershot A580, with no additional lenses. But I must tell you that I use also homemade diffuser so my photos look more professional ;)
Someone else asked where these photos were taken- in Poland. All of them. And all uploaded in the future will be from my homeland ;)

Today, I want to show you some flowers:

02 February 2011

#3 Ant and...

At first, I am very happy that so many people liked my photos. It's very nice to read your comments and see that most of you want more, etc. So today, I upload next two photos.

First, Myrmica rubra:

01 February 2011

#2 Grasshopper and frog.

Next two photos, just for fun :]

yeah, 1st post!

I'm going to upload my macro photos, here we go with the 1st one.
All made with Canon PS A580 and handmade diffuser.