13 February 2011

#13 My animals and answers

Today I want to show you some species that I was breeding long time ago:

Extatosoma Tiaratum:

Phyllium siccifolium:

And some answers:

Q: Have you tried breeding them yourself?
A: Yes, these animals were mine.

Q: Do you own any spiders?
A: Yes, just one at the moment, but I'm thinking about getting another one.

Q: how long they live?
A: Xylotrupes pubescens: 4-5 month as an adult, Nauphotea cinerea: ~1year

Q: How big does those bugs grow up to be?
A: Xylotrupes pubescens male ~7cm (with horn), female ~5cm

Q: What made you want to start collecting bugs?
A: My friend convinced me to breeding stick insects and somehow it went on.

Q:  Do you take any photographs of people?
A: Rather not.

Q: Have you ever slept with any of the bugs.
A: eee... what? :O 

Q: You ever take any pictures without nasty bugs in them?
A: Sometimes :D

Q: Do you keep any other types of animals?
A: Right now I keep spider, roaches, mealworms, cat and two rats, but in the past, there was many many more animals that I was breeding.


  1. My god the first one looks so ugly i couldn't sleep knowing tere is one of these hings somewhere in my house.

  2. i did a double take on the first one lol

  3. lol what is that XD so nasty...

  4. They look like creatures from sci-fi horror movies but smaller :)

  5. That is one scary insect. Looks like a scorpion and a spider had sex.

  6. You should put them against a green screen, enlarge them and should an awesome horror movie.

  7. That Extatosoma Tiaratum looks awesome!

  8. lol; "Have you ever slept with any of the bugs."

  9. wow, i have never saw an animal like this. really cool to see!

  10. I almost can't believe those are from this planet... The first is really beautiful, too, in an alien sort of way.

  11. It looks like you're crossbreeding insects with dragons.

  12. Even the ugliest creatures have their own beauty, guys.

  13. you say you have rats? i would like to see a picture of them if possible. pet rats are cool.

  14. that first one is creepy as hell

  15. Wow man, they are the most beautiful you've put up so far! I didn't even know animals like that existed! 10 points!

  16. That looks horrible :S

  17. What the heck? Is that first one a type of spider?

  18. Extatosoma Tiaratum - wow. Incredible insect!