09 February 2011

#10 My animals and answers, part 3.

Hi there!
Today I'm going to show you two photos of  larva of some animal. Tomorrow I'll show you adult one (in professional session :D). So, this larca is something about 9cm long and it's able to bite through thin palstic (it did, and I've found it under my bed...). Have any idea what it could be?
The first:

 And another one:
And some answers to your questions.

Q: Do they get much bigger than that (scorpions)?
A: This kind is rather small and adult form is not bigger than 5cm (without tail). Unfortunately tey died when I was on school exchange in Holland, because my mom was too afraid to feed them with flies :(

Q: Do you breed them to sell?
A: Some of species I was, and I'm selling, for example Nauphotea Cinerea, as a food for spiders etc., but most of my animals I was breeding just for mypleasure and for watching them.

Q: And is the picture on the bottom stuck in a web?
A: No, they're in a glass jar.

Q: Do you keep these in your room?
A: Yup :D

Q: I wonder where i could buy these?
A: Try eBay and some professional pet-shop

Q: Is that green stuff in the bottom their food?
A: Yes, it's cat's food, but I was feeding them with that 'cause they can eat everything.

Q: Do you give them names? Do you notice any kind of personality differences from one to the another?
A: When I had two lizards, they had names :D About personality... Hmm, when you have 2-3 animals of one species, you can notice other 'personalities' or differences in their behavior, but if there's 10+ of them, it's really hard. It's even harder because they all look the same :D

Q: Are there any bugs you won't kill? Like if you saw a roach, would you take it as a pet?
A: I'm trying to avoid killing ANY animals at all cost. I'm not taking wild animals as a pet. It's not good for animal if it's taken from its natural environment to home breeding and it often dies in few days, weeks. Anyway, if there's any interesting animal living in my country that I would breed, it's illegal, for example lizards, frogs, etc.

I'm waiting for more questions ;)


  1. Green cat food eh? Weird. I would love to breed some of the animals that you have shown in your photographs, but I'd always have the fear that some accident would result in their escape, and while I'm not squemish about any insects, I think have 50 of them scurrying around my room would make me a little nervous - don't you ever worry?

  2. wow this is amazing, nice read as always

  3. Those are creepy looking. O_O

  4. Alright even though you have all these obscure animals do you happen to know how to raise Jellyfish?

  5. I have no idea what it is but I would never want to find it under my bed.

  6. Wow, this is disgusting and beautiful at the same time!

  7. If I found somehting under my bed I'd be leaving it well enough alone...

  8. I never knew they ate cat food.

  9. That's disgusting. I hate larvae. The picture is good but, please, post something else haha

  10. good pics, no idea what that is though.

  11. A lot of interesting answers, thanks!

  12. great read, but damn those are creepy!

  13. You can find a lot of these in rotting trees i think i don't know what do they actually grow up into, but i remember i used to go fishing using them as a bait.

  14. is it weird that I think they look cute :p

  15. I've seen these a lot, but I'm not sure what they turn into.

  16. Man, if only I had the guts you have. I can never do this.

    I like your pictures by the way. Very professional looking.

  17. urgh.. seriously looks like a decapitated alien under attack

  18. Your blog has given me nightmares for days now, you bastard...


    ...following :)

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    haven't seen anything like that before.