15 February 2011

#15 Water

I've promised you photos that have something in common with water, so here we go:
Some leaf:
Some flower:
You know that I like insects, sooo...

And answers:

Q: You are breeding this?(insects from #13)
A: I was few years ago.

Q: You say you have rats? i would like to see a picture of them if possible.
A: Sure, I'll show you once :)

Q: Is that first one a type of spider?
A: No, it's more related with stick insects.

Q: I can't imagine what your place is like. It must be like an indoor jungle.
A: It was like that some time ago, but nowadays I got much less animals.

Q: Is that a cricket?(picture from #14)
A: Yes, it's Gryllus assimilis

Q: Have any of your lizards gotten out and eaten one of your bugs?
A: Few times my lizards escaped from their container, but other animals are also in their own containers, so lizards weren't able to reach them.

Q: where did u take these pics?(#14)
A: In my room :D


  1. Haha, I was waiting for the obligatory insect pic. Great works as usual.

  2. wow very nice pictures and interview!

  3. I'm not practising macro photography but I love watching it.
    Your pictures are amazing !

  4. I have never seen a fly so close, I can see every detail, sometimes, I watch them while they rub their legs, I don't know why I find that really interesting.

  5. What kind of camera do you have?

  6. Are these photos from your garden?

  7. Very nice shots, there's such a lot of beauty in the natural world.

  8. Love the water on that leaf. fresh

  9. Water + Plants pics are so relaxing

  10. Very nice again. I like flowers better than bugs. :)

  11. I've been reading your blog and I like it :) I'll be following for sure!

  12. Water on that leaf looks so fresh and peaceful.
    I love water, my favorite drink.

  13. I have to say, these pictures from your point and shoot are pretty damn spectacular. The details on that fly and the water drops. You're pretty good.

  14. Great photo. I wonder if it was staged.

  15. What kind of camera u use? I have a Cannon Rebel SLR, looks about that quality too ^_^

    u have a good eye

  16. oooo, im really liking the first picture

  17. The surface tension on those rain drops is incredible, almost a perfect sphere.