26 February 2011

#20 Spiders

Sorry that I wasn't writing for some time, but I got a new job and I was on the employee trainings, so I didn't have time to blog.
Anyway, You've decide that next topic should be spiders, so here they are:

Tegenaria atrica (I've found him/her in my grandmother's house. I was breeding it for few weeks):

I'm not sure, but I think that it's Araneus diadematus:

Argiope bruennichi (protection in my country, but they invaded my grandmother's garden):

Q: could you give me an advice, where i can get those animals?
A: You should check in some professional pet shops or in places like ebay.

Q:  Did you do any photoshopping to the grasshopper, to get that contrast? Or is that natural light? (grasshopper from #19)
A: Yes, I improved contrast, but only a little.

Q: It's your pet? (#19)
A: Grasshopper was wild, anole was mine ;)

Q: are you a professional to have all those "pets"?
A: I'm not sure what you mean. I'm not professional, but I care about that my pets live in best conditions.

Q: do you live in a zoo?
A: Of course I don't :D

Next: Flowers or next part of spiders? You can write in comments what do you prefer :)


  1. Spiders give me the chills, but I can still recognize some beautiful photography when I see it. You make these arachnids look magnificent.

  2. My vote is for spiders or insects.

  3. Spiders are bane of my existence.

  4. ah i hate spiders, anything but spiders!

  5. wow these are some awesome looking spiders!

  6. My friend hates all kinds of spiders!! Must show him those pictures :)

  7. I like spiders, but I'm scared of them too. I figured they eat other bugs, so we're cool.

  8. Hey man it's been a while! I frigging HATE spiders!!!!

  9. I hate spiders in every shape and form...

  10. Do you only take pics of animals like these?

  11. cool blog. There's something creepy about spiders though but good pictures.

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